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All Hands In

why do we do this work?

We come to this work from our own lived experiences as women clinicians who are Black and White. We acknowledge the pervasiveness of White Supremacy and how it affects all races. But in an effort to not speak for other lived experiences, we approach this work from a Black and White lens.

mission & vision statement 

our mission:

To support organizations, schools, and communities to challenge Racism and understand the intersection of racial oppression, structural racism, and its impact on the individual and their local and larger communities.


our vision:

A world without oppression.

the history of race to action

Margaret Kiwanuka-Woernle, MSW, and Sarah McSweeney, PsyD, have been engaged in thoughtful conversations about Race since they started their work together in 1994 at the Judge Baker/Boston Children’s Hospital. As they forged their relationship, they reflected upon how Race shows up in their personal lives and workspaces but is often not named. Through the years they have had many challenging conversations about Race that have deepened their understanding of one another and their commitment to this work. They have observed themselves, their colleagues, and their clients trying to navigate the maze of structural racism as it divides us.

With the current divisive climate, we feel compelled to create safe spaces where all individuals can come together and begin to unpack the complexities of race as it impacts us personally and professionally. Understanding the importance of intersectionality in our lives and how our individual stories shape who we are, results in implicit and explicit biases. Our goals are to support organizations, schools, and communities to become more comfortable talking about race and its influence on our local and larger communities.

“In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction." 
- Audre Lorde

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